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St. Johns Wort - Pure Herbs - 4 oz
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St. Johns Wort - Pure Herbs - 4 oz
St. Johns Wort - Pure Herbs - 4 oz

St. John's Wort (Klamath Weed) - Helps to relieve occasional restlessness.* Supports a healthy nervous system.* 

Below is about historical observations and historical data relating to herbs. This document is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by license physicians. All readers should consult a physician regularly in all matters related to medical problems. This includes the diagnoses and treatment of disease and all other physical and mental conditions.

Herbs are not elevated to sainthood lightly by herbalists. But this one is and bears the name of a Saint. Those who craved, in desperation, the intervention of a Saint to ease their sufferings, found it in this plant. Hence, its true name, St. John's Wort. Wort is an old English name for plants. Bell's Palsey can strike swiftly. When Bell's Palsey strikes, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, one side of the face may become paralyzed and the face horribly distorted. Often, the eye may have to be taped shut to avoid it drying out and an ulcer forming on the eye. Sometimes this paralysis is permanent if help is not given. St. John's Wort renders its mercy to the sufferer. Internally, 40 drops 4 times per day. For those with very sensitive skin, apply first, very gently, vitamin E oil from 100 i.u. capsules of natural vitamin E complex to the same area. Then, apply very gently so as not to further irritate the face nerves, St. John's Wort to both sides of the face from the ear over the entire area out to the tip of the nose. Apply 10 to 20 drops to both sides of the face several times per day and additionally, any time the face starts to hurt. Relief follows swiftly. Do not get in the eye. Additionally, St. John's Wort is a blessing of great magnitude for the following conditions: bed wetting, pain in the coccyx, nerve problems of all sorts including: neuralgia, shaking sickness, tics and tremors, concussions of the brain, stiff neck, bruises, bunions, corns, fractures, disturbed sleep, depression, swollen breasts, hand tremors, anxiety attacks, suppressed urine or pus, bronchitis, bleeding of the lungs, to regulate the period, strains and sprains, lower back pain, worms, mucus congesting the head, and diarrhea. As an aside, when farm animals develop "white spots", which become sensitive to light, sore with eruptions, put them in a dark place out of the sun and paint the affected area with vitamin E oil from 100 i.u. capsules and then apply a diluted solution of 10 drops of St John's Wort to one cup of water three times per day. The animal will recover swiftly. Be kind when you do this, and speak reassuringly to the animal. DOSE:20 to 40 drops three times per day, and additionally, as needed for relief. For external use, apply generously, three to four times per day. Precede with vitamin E oil from 100 i.u. capsules if very sensitive skin. 20 to 40 drops per day, after meals to maintain strong, steady nerves. If "Bells Palsey" is a problem, then also take 80 drops of Rice Bran 3 times per day internally, and hourly, very gently apply Arnica, to remove the physical trauma; then Herbal Adj. (Adjustment) to improve circulation to the area. Avoid contact with eyes.

Disclaimer, the information provided:
  a.  is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by a licensed physician, that a person should consult a physician regularly in all matters and especially in matters of diagnosis, treatment or cure of diseases or other physical or mental conditions
  b. that the information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration
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