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L.C.-W - Pure Herbs - 1 oz
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L.C.-W - Pure Herbs - 1 oz
L.C.-W - Pure Herbs - 1 oz

Problems with tonsils, adenoids, polyps, ear congestion, eye congestion, swellings and abnormalities of the spleen, swollen arms, ankles, fingers and around the middle, result from blocked, stagnant lymphatics. The lymphatics are a series of tubes and circulatory channels which carry a fluid similar to blood, except the red blood cells have been filtered out. You can see this filtered blood in what is commonly called a water blister. Lymph's job is to circulate where the thicker fluid cannot go. Since lymph is circulated mostly by exercise, rather than the pumping action of the heart, it can become stagnated in an underactive body. This problem is compounded when debris collects in the lymphatic system which normally contains more fluid than the blood stream. The causes of this are: not enough movement of the body, incompletely digested food, and poor bowel management. This may not seem right to many people, but if there is a lymphatic problem, you can be assured there is trouble in one or more of those areas, or all of them. So, we suggest some form of exercise, such as walking or playing, a digestaid, a natural bowel cleaner and a lymphatic cleaner. Use of the lymphatic detergent L.C.-W will also provide the services of antibiotic and healer. As the lymphatics disgorge their stored poisons, be prepared for discharges of congestive material in the form of mucus or pus from any body opening: eyes, ears, nose, throat, urine, reproductive organs and glands, bowel and even the skin. If you wish a poison absorber to take you more comfortable during this time, then 5 to 20 drops of either Black Cohosh, Virginia Snake Root or Plantain every 2 to 3 hours, while awake, should do it. Use of an enema can also help greatly. Usually about 10 minutes after the enema, a person feels much relieved. With a newly cleaned and restored lymphatic system, with its cleaned lymph, everything it bathes as it circulates gets cleaner and cleaner.

COMBINATION:Oregon Grape, Blue Flag (Wild Blue Iris), Marshmallow, Stillingia, Mullein.

 DOSE:40 drops following meals or 3 times per day.

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