Bitter Orange Pure Herbs

Bitter Orange Pure Herbs
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Bitter Orange - Beneficial for sinus and respiratory support

Below is about historical observations and historical data relating to herbs. This document is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by license physicians. All readers should consult a physician regularly in all matters related to medical problems. This includes the diagnoses and treatment of disease and all other physical and mental conditions.

If you want to breathe easier when troubled by allergies, hay fever, pollen, pollution, emotional upsets, bronchitis, asthma or the other torments that cause a restriction to your breathing, consider using the herb, Bitter Orange. As a bonus you may find your energy levels, concentration and circulation are better with the use of Bitter Orange. The scientific name given to the most common type of Bitter Orange, in use by herbalists, is Citrus aurantium. The Bitter Orange is especially prized for the problems we seek to correct. Although it is called Bitter Orange, its immediate taste could be described as a pleasant taste of orange with a little bit of bitter chocolate taste at the end. Altogether, it's not bad. Bitter Orange, as a plant, was at home in China originally, but now grows wherever the climate is warm and friendly enough. This gift from the Creator has been in continual use along the trade routes of the Arabian traders since the 16th century. You can say it has been adequately "field tested"! In those parts of the world Bitter Orange is considered a good and is eaten in small amounts as needed. Those who need and use this herb seem pretty satisfied with it. Bitter Orange is one representative which has been repeated by enlightened practitioners down through the corridors of time. The idea is: "We should let our food be our medicine and our medicine be our food"! Modern science has studied Bitter Orange to find out what is in it and why it works so effectively. What they found is that it contains, among other compounds, a bitter stimulant known as synephrine (suh-nef-ren). These compounds work together to open troubled breathing passages and increase physical activity without side effects! This is a God-send for those suffering with breathing and circulatory problems. You may have to wait a few minutes after taking Bitter Orange before you get its full effect. Please Note: Some people use Bitter Orange to assist weight loss by taking advantage of its stimulant qualities. Additionally, experience with Bitter Orange from South American folk usage indicates to use it when there is trouble sleeping and for frazzled nerves. Traditional Chinese medicine also uses Bitter Orange for indigestion, constipation and abdominal discomfort. American folk use says: "For the desperate and adventuresome with trouble breathing, spray Bitter Orange extract directly into the throat with a clean perfume atomizer (mist sprayer) and inhale." Relief is swift and in some cases it may cause a violent discharge of thick mucus for two or three days, which when endured, can stop future attacks.

DOSAGE: 40 drops under the tongue as needed.

Disclaimer, the information provided:

    is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by a licensed physician
    that a person should consult a physician regularly in all matters and especially in matters of diagnosis, treatment or cure of diseases or other physical or mental conditions
    that the information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration
    that PH herbal products are dietary supplements and cannot be used to treat or cure diseases

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