Bugleweed - Pure Herbs - 4 oz

Bugleweed - Pure Herbs - 4 oz
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Bugleweed - Pure Herbs Bugleweed is beneficial as a tonic for good health.* Pure Herbs Bugleweed is beneficial for circulation and support of healthy blood vessels.*

Below is about historical observations and historical data relating to herbs. This document is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by license physicians. All readers should consult a physician regularly in all matters related to medical problems. This includes the diagnoses and treatment of disease and all other physical and mental conditions.

Was rediscovered during the latter part of this century by a great living, Amish herbalist, Solomon Wickey, for heart conditions. Acts chiefly on blood vessels to relax them to normal size, while healing inflammation of the blood vessel caused by heart problems, self-intoxication and chronically deteriorated hearts. The action of Bugleweed on the heart itself is to reduce the pulse to a normal speed and add power to each heart contraction. All this, with no harmful side effects. Additionally, we have here an excellent tonic for the whole system, which settles the stomach and normalizes the appetite. Well before 1880, Bugleweed was used for relief of insomnia, curing diabetes and correcting "egg-white" in the urine (albuminuria). Bugleweed stops hemorrhaging of blood from lungs and intestinal hemorrhaging with blood in the stool. Bugleweed reduces irritation to the intestine from diarrhea and stops diarrhea. Bugleweed expels mucus and pus from lungs due to old, chronic, dry coughs, and is a recognized tuberculosis remedy.

DOSE:10 to 40 drops after each meal or every four hours while awake during crisis period. Bugleweed can also be rubbed on the chest and back several times a day to amplify and assist its internal use.

Disclaimer, the information provided:

    is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice by a licensed physician
    that a person should consult a physician regularly in all matters and especially in matters of diagnosis, treatment or cure of diseases or other physical or mental conditions
    that the information has not been verified by the American Medical Association or the Food and Drug Administration
    that PH herbal products are dietary supplements and cannot be used to treat or cure diseases

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