Peppermint Oil - Pure Herbs - 1 oz

Peppermint Oil - Pure Herbs - 1 oz
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Quite aside from being one of the most popular flavoring agents, the therapeutic value of Peppermint has its roots in herbal use from the beginning of man's first association with it. It has been sought out through the eons of time as a pleasant refreshment. Its leaves are chewed, teas are made from its leaves as well as the oil. The use of these brings an exhilarating aromatic sensation as well as fresh oxygen for well being. Mothers have long known a cup of the tea will relieve baby's colic. A touch of peppermint oil to the tongue of a baby or adult pushes distressful gas from the body and settles the stomach especially good to calm morning sickness. A partial list of Peppermint's additional corrective services is diarrhea, dizziness, convulsion, earache, fainting, fevers of all types, stomach and bowel gas, nausea, nervous headache, restlessness, motion sickness, spasms, toothache, vomiting and heart palpitations.
Oxygenator; settles stomach; motion sickness; apply to headache area; refreshes breath; cooling; if fever, apply to temples, forehead, tongue and back of neck. 4 oz. Why do your oils have lids with a dropper on the side?

NOTE: Peppermint Oil from Pure Herbs is different from essential oils in that it is distilled several times. It is very pure, but not in the same way as essential oils. This Peppermint Oil is not just one peppermint, but a blend of different peppermints, harvested from different areas. The blend is "rose mitchum". The reason that you can put this products on the body and can even ingest it is that it is a "confection" grade oil

DOSAGE: 40 drops three times per day of the extract or as needed. 1 touch of the oil to the tongue or applied thinly but completely to area which is affected.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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